Gallatin Farmer’s Market Rules, Guideline and Application for Booth.


The market will be in operation from the first Saturday in April through September on the following days and times (season and hours may be adjusted or extended by the Farmers Market Advisory Committee).

Wednesday 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  /  Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  1. 1. All vendors must have their booths clean and empty no later than one hour beyond the  closing.
  2. No selling is allowed before the posted market times.  Vendors cannot bag, sell or hold items  for customers prior to opening.
  3. There is no fee to vend at any time.  Rules and guidelines must be followed.
  4. Vendors must reside in Sumner County.
  5. Vendors must display a sign indicating their name and address if needed.
  6. Vendors must display his/her market booth number if one is assigned.
  7. The following items may be offered for sale at the market: fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs, flowers,      honey and other farm products approved in advance by the market manager.  Baked goods, farm eggs,  cheese, jams, jellies, sauces, cider, breads and meats that have been  prepared in legal, licensed,  approved and inspected facilities by the Tennessee Dept. Of  Agriculture or USDA are allowed. Proof of inspection is required and must be prominently  posted in the booth.  Alcoholic beverages,  cigarettes and firearms cannot be sold at the market.  Perishable items must be refrigerated by means of coolers or refrigerated vehicles.
  8. Vendors must check-in with the market manager and verify their assigned booth space  prior to setting up.
  9. Sales must be made in a orderly and business-like fashion.  Shouting, hawking and other loud  and objectionable tactics of solicitation are not allowed.  Profanity is not allowed.  Loud  radios are not allowed.
  10. No fruit or vegetables products (sold for consumption) can be displayed directly on the ground/concrete.  Fruits and vegetables must be off the ground.
  11. Each booth should be kept neat, clean and free from offensive odors.  Trash cans will be  placed throughout the market facility.
  12. Each booth will have two tables (eight foot each) made available to them. Change and chairs  must be provided by each vendor.  Scales must be certified by the Tennessee Dept. Of Agriculture.
  13. Applicable sales tax is the responsibility of each vendor.
  14. All vendors are asked to treat the customers and other vendors as they would like to be treated.
  15. Signs, displays or shelves cannot remain at the market without prior approval.
  16. Pets are not allowed inside the market.
  17. Smoking is not allowed inside the market.   Alcohol is not allowed on the market property.
  18. Bikes, skateboards, scooters or other means of recreational transportation are not allowed in the market.
  19. Booths must be cleaned before the vendor leaves the market each day.
  20. The market is accessible for the disabled.  All vendors should assist in making sure that the space is  kept safe and an accessible environment for all customers.
  21. Vendors will set their own prices.  However, vendors using the market as a dumping ground  for  surplus products at prices significantly below prevailing market prices is discouraged.
  22. Intentional price undercutting of other vendors is not allowed.
  23. Complaints must be reported directly to the market manager.
  24. Vendors are encouraged to provide only high-quality products.
  25. At least 50% of the produce sold must be grown by the vendor.
  26. Enforcement of market guidelines is the sole responsibility of the market manager/market director.  Any  vendor who is found not in compliance with any of the above guidelines will receive a verbal and written warning  the market manager or director.  Expulsion from the market will result if the action is not corrected by the vendor.
  27. All concerns or complaints regarding the rules of this market should first be discussed with  the market  manager.  Further discussion will be conducted with overseeing committee.


(please print clearly)

Name of Contact Person: __________________________________________________

Name(s) of others involved: ________________________________________________


Farm/Business Name (Location and product may be verified by an onsite visit): ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City: ________________________  State: __Zip Code: _______ Phone #__________

Days wishing to participate:          Weds.   ________        Saturday: ___________

Primary Products to be sold and source (see Market Rules-Item 7): ______________________________________________________________________________________

Number of acres farmed: _________________________________________________

Address of farm if different from above: _____________________________________

The information that I have provided on this form is correct.  I have received and read a copy of the current Market Rules and agree to follow them.

Signature: ___________________________________
Date: _____________________


  Date Rec’d                                                   Assigned Booth #

  Approved By                                                Date